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Mouser Electronics Inc. last year made a mark by adding more than 50 suppliers to its line card. Being an industry leader, it solidified its hold on crowning position by bringing the total number of suppliers close to 80. The expansion of network allows Mouser to avail better customer base, procurement options, engineers, as well as component design and buyers. 



Maxim Integrated Products Inc. recently introduced power management ICs that are smallest in size and highest efficiency in industry. These ICs will assist automotive designers in meeting next-generation space and power challenges for automotive applications. 



Littelfuse recently offered a solid layer of protection for high-end wearable electronics and consumer products with its first series of bidirectional TVS Diodes. These diodes will safeguard all above stated electronics from ESD-generating events like overvoltages and sustained overcurrents. The first TVS Diode Array from the SP1333 Series, the SP1333-01-UTG, features a breakdown voltage of 3.3V and back-to-back diodes created with proprietary silicon avalanche technology.


Title Total views
Fifty Plus Suppliers Extend Industry Leader Mouser’s Line Card In 2018 49
Maxim Buck Controllers and Converters Brings-in Industry’s Best High-Voltage Automotive Power Solutions 95
Consumer Electronics To Be Safeguarded By Hybrid Protection Modules 79
Arm’s Latest ISP Technology Redefines Visual Processing Abilities On A Digital Level 185
ON Semiconductors Brings-in The Most Extensive Design, Evaluation, and Research Tool - The Strata Developer Studio™ 262
STMicroelectronics Takes Up AI To New Level With Its Signatory STM32 Neural-Network Developer Toolbox 300
Microchip Brings Forth Single-chip maXTouch Touchscreen Controllers For 20-inch Automotive Touchscreens 301
ROHM Brings Forth Smallest Contactless Current Sensor Promising Minimum Loss of Power 551
New Arm Technology to Boost Driver Trust And Safety For Mass Autonomous Deployment 497
Qualcomm Brings-in Next-Generation Cellular Chipset Specifically Designed for IoT Systems 307
High Power Low-Ohmic Wide Terminal Thick-Layered Chip Advanced LTR50 Series Resistors Set New Standards For TCR Characteristics 771
Intel Xeon Processor D-2100 Series Based 1U Rackmount Network Computing Appliance 361
Harsh Outdoor Conditions On Railroads To Be Addressed With IP67-rated and EN50155-TX-Certified Railway Computer System 351
Renesas Electronics Brings Forth 32-Bit RX66T MCU Group; Suitable For Robotics, Home Appliance, and Industrial Devices 656
Things You Need To Know About Digi XBee3 Zigbee 3.0 445
Ultra Low-Power S1JA MCU with 48 MHz Arm Cortex To Cater Industrial IoT Sensor Applications 430
Innovative Safety Analysis Tools for Easing Up Automotive ISO 26262 Compliance 444
Tencent YouTu Teams Up With Intel For AI Products 783
Google Brings-in Better Features For Maps, Adds Visual Images 560
RX65N Microcontrollers Supports DDS-XRCE Communication Protocol For Robot Operating Systems (ROS) 653
World’s First Intelligent Autonomous and Completely Wireless Underwater Drone “iBubble” 821
What Do You Know About Expandable PCs For Rough Factory Automation Applications 556
New Advanced Models in its ETERNUS DX8000 S4 Series for High-End Storage 428
Blackberry and Renesas Bring-in R-Car Based Development Environment That Integrates Security, Functional Safety, and Virtualization 405
9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K Establishes New Overclocking Records 368