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ROHM recently introduced a super-compact highly precise seismic detection sensor module named BP3901. The device is perfect for all those applications that need accurate earthquake detection. The list includes smart meters, unmanned transport vehicles, and automatic doors.



ISELED is an open alliance that takes in the goal of providing the most wholesome system solution for myriad of automotive lighting applications. This approach is a benchmark with respect to communication protocol for taking control of dynamic and static LED arrays in industrial and automotive lighting applications.



Dialog Semiconductors PLC recently introduced the FC9000. It is one of the first Wi-Fi SoC from Dialog that came forth since its completed acquisition of Silicon Motion’s Mobile Communications product line. The new FC9000 keeps a tight focus on battery-powered IoT devices that include smart thermostats, wireless sensors, video monitoring systems as well as smart door locks. This new SoC also works on wireless sensors that enable direct connectivity with Wi-Fi networks while backing a battery power longevity much ahead then a single year.

ROHM Brings Forth Ultra-Compact Highly Precise Earthquake Detection Sensor
NXP’s S32K ISELED Solution 1Smoothens The Development of Dynamic, Smart LED Lighting Application
Dialog Semiconductor Drives Up IoT Adoption Via Its Advanced Wi-Fi SoC
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NXP’s NTAG Smartsensor To Play A Key Role In Industry 4.0
Microchip Upgrades Performance of its Most Accurate Atomic Clock
NXP Introduces EdgeLock™ SE050 Promising Better IoT Security and Maximum Flexibility
Microchip Assists China In Deploying The First Bandwidth-on-Demand Services Through OTN
Renesas Electronics Brings Forth Advanced Processing-In-Memory Technology for Next-Gen AI Chips Capable Of Yielding Processing Performance of 8.8 TOPS/W
Maxim’s DSM Smart Amplifier To Aid In Disclosing Complete Potential of Micro Speakers
Yamaichi Electronics Presents QSFP-DD Connector With Flawless Signal Integrity for Data Networking
All You Need To Know About NXP S32 Software Development Kit
Renesas Electronics Introduces RX72M Group of Microcontrollers Featuring EtherCAT(R) Support for Industrial Applications
New S32K144 Control Kits Bring Down The Development Time Considerably
Renesas Electronics Develops Embedded Automotive ADAS System with Perception Quick Start Software
Addressing The Common Challenges of Automotive Lighting With New LED Driver Modules Address
Power and Safety Scalability Offered By The Advanced NXP PF81/PF82 PMICs
Dialog Semiconductor Introduces Programmable Multi-Channel LDO Regulator with Highest PSRR Performance and Absolute Lowest Noise
Renesas Electronics Introduces Rad-Hard 16-Channel Current Driver For Satellite Applications
Renesas Electronics Introduces Complete Integrated Cockpit Reference Solution
A Closer Look At Gen-Next AI Experiences Enabled By 5G Technology
Mouser Secures Medical Devices By Stocking Maxim DS28E84 and DS28E39 DeepCover Authenticators
Digi-Key Brings Forth The Most Efficient and Simplified BOM MTBF Prediction Service
Renesas Electronics Plans To Introduce RZ/G Linux Platform Solution That Supports IEC 62443 International Protection Of Industrial Control Systems Against Cyberattacks Standards
Digi-Key Introduces Supplier-Driven KiCas Library