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gScreen Spacebook for a Panoramic workspace!


gScreen Spacebook for a Panoramic workspace
How many of you have wanted a laptop that could allow you to work on two screens?  With work taking a toll on our lives, we have become quite used to multitasking. Keeping this need in mind, gScreen has come up with a Spacebook that could allow one to multitask without any hassles.
The dual screen Spacebook offers two screen of 17.3 inches each along with RAM of 8GB, video card GTS 250M and i7-740M Intel Core processor. The user can easily fold the screens into one, according to his need. The best part is that the second screen is not just a small extension but a full sized screen. You can look forward to a panoramic workspace for yourself with the spacebook.
gScreen offers two types of hardware for the convenience of users. The first version of hardware offers i5-560M 2.66GHz dualcore Intel CPU, DDR3 of 4GB and the second version is supported by i7-740QM 1.73GHz quadcore CPU, DDR3 of 8GB. Rest of the features for these versions are same. The spacebook also offers LED lid screens with 1920 x 1080 pixels, 500GB HDD, lid frame made of magnesium alloy. There is only one drawback of this dual screen machine that it is bulky and lacks portable.
The gScreen spacebook is not just for workaholics but also offers value for money to movie buffs with the fitted DVD player. One could use one of the screens to watch their favourite movies and the other one to do their work at the same time.
You can own the corei5 version of spacebook at $2,395 and in case you want upgraded version, you would have to shell out extra- $2,795 for corei7. Multitasking is a child’s play with the dual screen spacebook offered by gScreen. The company expects to float the spacebook by end of this year in the market. So save some money and stay tuned for the wonder machine!


It'sgreat idee!! I will buy one if they re design is more thinner (it is possible), IPS screen and more of a workstation als Dell Precision laptops. Than i think the grafic industry, architecture,building engineers etc will want it.It is to long and there isn't no update


They should try to work with Dell, Samsung or Microsoft self.