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Acer Iconia – The revolutionary machine with dual screen!


Acer Iconia – The revolutionary machine with dual screen!
Another revolutionary product by Acer has created a buzz in the market. With its futuristic machine known as Iconia notebook, Acer has come a long way in keeping its consumers happy. Launched in Indian Market, this notebook is an ultimate piece of innovation by the company. The notebook is not just consumer friendly in terms of its features and display but also in terms of its price. One does not have to burn a hole in the pocket to own this gadget. With the basic model available just at Rs. 69,999, the notebook would be a hot property.
14.1-inch display with multi- touch and LED backlit offers a good experience while working on the notebook. Along with 1366x768 pixels resolution, Acer Iconia comes with a decent configuration that could offer competition to the existing mid- end laptops. The configuration options by this smart notebook includes 480M, 560M or 580M Intel Core i5 with incorporated HD graphics, DDR3 RAM of upto 4 GB and variety of drive choices. The versatile machine has SDIF/HDMI/VGA with USB ports 2.0 and 3.0. One does not even has to compromise with the connectivity options with Bluetooth, WiFi along with embedded gigabit Ethernet and WWAN provided by Iconia.  With additional Crystal eye webcam and great microphones, Acer Iconia would make you fall in love with it. The heart of notebook or Acer ring controls interface also comforts the users. Job dial on the bottom screen allows the user to switch between applications, virtual keyboard and navigation elements. The notebook truly offers a mesmerizing look and feel.


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