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Amenbo - The five fingered mouse!


Amenbo  - The five fingered mouse
If you are one of those who love unusual gadgets, the five fingered mouse would not fail to grip your attention. Named Amenbo by Double Research and Development Company, this device is quite dramatic and interesting. With a device fixed for resting the palm along with five mice fixed with wire ribbons for fingers, you would enjoy working on your laptop/computer now. The interesting device is not just a candy for eyes but also provides comfort to the user.
Apart from comfort, Amenbo offers comfortable time at the 3D space which is missing with the regular mouse with limited 2D functionality. The company claims this mouse to be apt for gamers. This unusual mouse not just has smart 3D image recognition mechanism but also ability of sensing the finger pressures due to sensors fitted in all its finger panels. The mechanism is not that of a touchscreen but the device identifies user’s fingers being a part of his hand and tracks the movements with ease. Manipulation of CAD data and 3D models is the USP of Amenbo. You do not have to attach 3D and ordinary mouse for working on CAD data, Amenbo takes care of it. The mouse packages the dual functions for the convenience of users.
The company is not just offering bizarre mouse to the users, it also claims that it might use the technology in its production of Robotics. The company plans to use the five fingers Amenbo technology for their robots. The regular robots are being operated from either two or three fingers but the company would allow the users to use the five fingers while operating the robot’s hand. This Japanese company is surely leaving no stone unturned to create a benchmark in the world of technology.