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BlackBerry PlayBook- The New-Age Playbook!


BlackBerry PlayBook - The New Age Playbook!


The market that blackberry has created is not just out of the great promotions that it does but also the innovative and useful technology it offers to help the people connected. And Blackberry messenger is one such technology. Not just the BB phones, the latest blackberry playbooks have become a fad too. Everyone wants to join the ‘Blackberry Boys’ bandwagon and enjoy the endless benefits that Blackberry offers.
BB Playbook epitomizes advance web browsing, high performance, great security features, easy multitasking, innovative development platform and enterprise support. This Playbook is certainly a class apart with its ultra thin and portable designs. Thickness less than half an inch and weight not even a pound; this playbook offers seven inches resolution display to the users.
BlackBerry PlayBook and Multitasking powerhouse are synonyms as it offers OS and 1GHz processor dual core that supports multiprocessing. The deadly combination offers convenient and highly responsive touch for content and application use. High fidelity and speed web browsing lets the user have great mobile web experience. Also it opens new arenas for the content publishers and developers.
Nothing can be enough for the BB PlayBook users and that’s why it offers finest multimedia features for supporting mobile experiences. With twin HD camera for video conferencing and captures and sound system, owning this PlayBook is a must for gadget lovers. And if you own a BB Smartphone too, you can easily establish a secured Bluetooth connection between the two. This would not just allow you to transfer files but also have a larger display for viewing calendar, tasks, emails, other things that are a part of your Smartphone. The users can use the Smartphone the Playbook interchangeably without any tensions of duplication of data.
Enterprise readiness and QNX Neutrino Reliability are some other features offered by the BB PlayBook. With so many features, you do not need to think any more; just buy one for yourself.