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Capture Renault Concept Car


Adventure, glitz, compactness, environment- friendliness, you name it and Renault offers you that. The awe-inspiring concept car has not left any stone unturned to impress you. A concept by Laurens van den Acker, Renault perfectly represents contemporary design. This crossover concept would rest all your fantasies with its athletic body and special details. Wing doors, sharp headlights, and futuristic designing- this concept car is sure to be a hit among the masses.

Capture Renault has modern designing to grab the eyeballs. 22 inch wheels, revolutionary styling, and low roofline would bind you under the car’s spell. Roof of the vehicle is designed to be removed to convert it into crossover coupe easily. The car is meant for accommodating two people and is perfect for an adventure gateway with your partner or friend.
And if you want to do your bit towards the environment, you would be delighted to know that it is designed to go easy on the environment. This innovative concept car also offers a twin turbo powerful engine with dual clutch. It is designed with a power-packed diesel engine to add to the delight of the drivers. This concept car would prove to be a treat for sports car lovers as the design draws its inspiration from the base sports and athletes. After it hits the market, you could take this magnificent piece to your place at a much lesser price as compared to other sport cars. The small yet peppy and power performance concept car would take your heart away.