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Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Concept- The dream car !


Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Concept- The dream car !

Designed in Seoul, Mi-ray concept by Chevrolet offers a deadly combination of great designing, technology and power train for its users. Compact dimensions of the two-seater sports car with mid-engine, surface treatment, and sculptured surfaces would not fail to flatter you. The body is made of carbon fibre and is divided into two parts by angled line. Additional temptations offered by the car are its scissor doors, retractable flaps and rear-view cameras and double port grille on the front end.

One could see the inspirations from the contemporary jet fighters in the turbine shape wheels and fuselage design of the car. The interiors of the car are interesting too. Can you guess where does it take its inspiration from? Well it takes the inspiration from aeronautic theme, with the dual cockpit wrapping around the passenger and driver’s seat. The asymmetric seats with headrests and exteriors promise a relaxing driving experience. Each and every detail of the car is planned keeping the user in mind; even if it is the dashboard, it is made driver focussed with the back projection on instrument panel. The cabin surfaces have been adorned with combination of natural leather, brushed aluminium, liquid metal surface and white fabric to give it a classic look. The dual clutch systems provide the driver with an option of switching between rear and front wheel driving.
With the use of back projection, designers have implemented a distinctive approach for displaying the information. The information that would be displayed to the drivers is categorized in three parts which includes vehicle performance, range and mileage figures. With so many things to take care of convenience of drivers, great performance and speed, this Chevrolet car is no less than a dream car.