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Digital Storm ODE – For a thrilling gaming experience!


Digital Storm ODE – For a thrilling gaming experience
The new avatar in the gaming world would add to the thrill of gamers. Digital Storm, an established name in the gaming systems, is has come up with a desktop series which is powered by Intel. Though Digital Strom has been providing gaming rigs from sometime, ODE would let the hardcore gaming fans a chance to obtain best technology without having to pick various components individually as the company offers a complete package to entertain every gamer. The desktop comes with best of all the components, hardware to offer unparalleled performance to the users.
The ODE offers mouth watering features including 5.0GHz liquid cooled processor, SLI dual configuration lets the ODE offer great graphical performance. One can order Digital Storm ODE in four pre configurations, ranging from $1,499. These configurations are based on Core i7 processor with the capability of being overlocked till 5GHz. All of these models are constructed keeping high quality in mind with perfect configuration and quick shipping facilities by the company.
All these four pre configured systems come with 8 GB memory by Corsair. Graphics are being offered by Nvidia which varies from single to dual graphics card setup offered by ODE. One can also relish gaming experience with the 1TB western hard drive combined with SSD of 320 series, DVD burner, Corswair 750, 850W supply unit.
For all of you who do not want to go through the hassles of picking up best of components to enjoy a perfect gaming time, can indulge into ODE gaming PC by Digital Storm.