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Ford Focus – An electric car with an intelligent technology!


Ford Focus – An electic car with an intelligent technology
And guess what is creating the buzz around- it’s the new Ford Focus. The electric car is planning to make a debut in United States and Europe in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Ford claims the thermal management by the car to be an innovative technology. Ford Focus would live upto its name with battery made of Lithium-ion system that uses heated and cooled liquid for regulation of battery temperature, maximising the driving range and extension of battery life. The technology would let the car operate smartly in a variety of conditions.
Unlike most small cars today that work well with air cooling techniques of their battery system, the wonder electric model by Ford demands a more aggressive and smart technology of thermal management. The active liquid system lets the system chill or heat the coolant prior to pumping it in the battery according to external weather conditions.
On the days when the sun is cruel, batteries absorb chilled water while dispersing it through to the radiator. And during the biting cold days, it uses the heated water that is used for warming the batteries to bring it to the required temperature levels. This mechanism allows the battery to effectively accept the charge energy and also offer needed discharge power for the great performance. Ford Focus would take care of the problem of temperature impacting the performance and battery life very well with its effective technology.
And if this is not enough to tempt you to buy this wonder car for yourself; you should know that liquid cooling system plays a vital role in charging the electric car too. Vehicle control mechanism helps in preconditioning its battery automatically. Charging the electric car would be a cakewalk with the smart mechanism. This next generation car by Ford would not lose on any chance to make its users happy with its intelligent technology.


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