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Go Green with Bamboo Laptops


Bamboo Laptop

Next time you hear someone saying that a Panda ate his presentation; do not just giggle it away. With debut of Bamboo laptops, this is quite possible. Do not be amazed as this unusual laptop comes with a beautiful bamboo cover.

Already a hot cake in eco-friendly market, this laptop is here to stay for sure. Asus has made a remarkable attempt to offer an ecobook. They have replaced plastic with renewable and a green resource- bamboo. The machine helps in reducing the CO2 emissions and also uses the hybrid engine that saves battery life. The components of the laptop are made of non hazardous material too. Display, lids, cover, palm rest, frame- one could find bamboo finish in every corner of the machine.
The laptop blends style, feature and eco-friendliness perfectly. One can find various models including Asus U33JC-A1, U43JC-A1, U43JC-X1, U53JC-A1 and many others. In spite of so much diversity, there is a range of similarities that add to the delight of its users. Hybrid battery, great connectivity and LED display along with beautiful finishes makes the laptop a hit.
By using a bamboo laptop, one can do his bit towards saving the ever deteriorating environment. A pat on the back of all the manufacturers and designers, who offered this ecological and aesthetically pleasing laptop. Use of plastic is ruled in these laptops as it uses a combination of fast growing resource, bamboo with metal. Dell also offers the eco bamboo computers. Invest in one such laptop to appreciate the effort of transforming technological world in an eco-friendly one.



It's really an awesome work by great innovators....

its realy nice..