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Lamborghini Estoque 2014 – Luxury redefined!


Lamborghini Estoque 2014 – Luxury redefined
After a series of teasers floating in the market, Lamborghini Estoque 2014 concept car has made a debut. And the best thing is it has lived up to the hype created for it. The concept car epitomises innovation. This monster can perfectly cater to the luxury sports car market and it would not just offer a feast to the eyes with its great visual appeal but would not fail to mesmerise the driver by its performance.
Assembly version of the concept car would be chic, five meters long with four doors. With the Lamborghini tag attached to the concept, there are no doubts about the class and performance it would offer on the roads. This monster is designed to eat all the competition with its spectacular features. Engine of V10 engine offering 560hp, comfortable seating, long wheelbase- it has got everything a driver can long for. It would rather be a competition for many present and future wonder machines like Porsche Panamera, Koenigsegg sedan and Aston Martin Rapide.
The concept car has been designed keeping the daily use in mind which makes it even more desirable for many of us. Attractive features and tinge of daily use feel could be considered as the USP of the car. The CEO of the company claims that with this luxury sedan that they have tried to go beyond the supercar category. The response for the new concept has been enthusiastic and it is expected to come in production in 2014. Also the high demand of the the luxury sedan Chinese market would give another push to go into the production stage soon.
All those who had been eagerly waiting for the car, would have to wait for a little more as the car would not been seen in the markets before 2014. After all, good things do not come easy. And if you are speculating its price, it would surely be at a heftier price as compared to its competitors.