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LED Umbrella- Beat Rainy Day blues!


If you are one of the star war fans, you would love LED umbrella. Not only it has the light saber feel but it also offers shelter during the rains. Rather than cursing rain gods during the pour, one can now create a style statement with unusual LED umbrellas. Not only does the umbrella adds a zing to one’s personality but let’s one see properly, especially during the night time.

Next time when you go for an evening stroll during rainy season, do not need to worry about puddles on the road while as LED umbrella offers considerable amount of light for visibility. Powered by batteries, there are no hassles of charging the umbrella. Once the battery runs out, one can easily replace it with another one.
Apart from the umbrella with LED fitted in the shaft, one can find umbrellas with LED in the canopy. These umbrellas look great in the dark. The dull rainy night can be transformed into a bright one with individual LEDs fitted at the top of umbrella. And if this does not amuse you enough, many companies have also come up with the lightdrop umbrellas. The interesting thing about such umbrellas is that these are self powered and do not need any batteries or charging to brighten up rain season. By creating kinetic energy from the piezoelectric fabric used in the umbrellas, LED lights use rain drops for lighting up. Though the technology is the nascent stage, it is promising a great source of energy in the near future.
And the umbrella is definitely a boon in the harsh rains as it would lessen road accidents by improving the visibility with lights attached. No more rainy day melancholy with the stylish and cool LED umbrellas available in the market.



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Cause any lightning attack?