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Leica i9 concept-Boosting your Iphone 4 performance


One thing that all of us would say yes to would be that Iphone 4 has been catalyst for getting newness in the digital photography. The phone has equipped the users with the ability to click images with a proficient performing pack along with social applications like Instagram. To take this capability to the next level, Black DA has designed a concept known as Leica i9. This concept aims at the philosophy of complimenting without compromising and serves as an additional camera to the Iphone. This device is not just another camera case; it is completely a different ballgame.

Leica i9 comes with inbuilt flash memory that houses images using its CMOS sensors and lens supporting 8x zoom, 12.1 megapixels. The user can look forward to better performance while paring up the device their Iphones. The best part about the gadget is that it can be used separately as it has its own memory, lens and sensor for clicking the pictures. But while used with Iphone the device offers better performance and transfer of pictures to the phone that could be shared online too.
Leica i9 also uses a separate battery that provides extended operation to your Iphone. It is useful even while it is not in use as it acts a case for phone’s protection. Now you could add larger than life pictures to your social media accounts instantly using the i9. As pictures are the best way to capture memories and freeze the time, spending on the i9 would surely be worth it. You can box all the beautiful moments as well as share them using the great concept offered by Black Design. Photo enthusiasts can keep their fingers crossed and hope that the company turns the concept into reality real soon.


Wow, this is in every respect what I needed to know.