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Luna, Robot – Your new electronic companion!


Luna, Robot – Your new electronic companion
In this world where everything is changing with a glimpse of an eye, having a robot as one’s companion does not seem awkward. Though various robots have been introduced for making our lives easier, a programmable robot named Luna by RoboDynamics is first ever personal robot. Though the land of rising sun, Japan has been known to have the highest number of robots throughout, you do not need to worry if you are not living in Japan as the world would soon have many robots to assist. For this personal robot, Luna is all set to launch later this year.
One could easily delegate the routine activities that he/she does not enjoy to Luna. Whether it is post party cleaning or walking dogs, the robot would lend a land in everything you could ask for. The best part is that you do not have to worry about the tantrums thrown by domestic help as this robot would be there besides you to provide assistance with every possible activity. Luna robot would easily move in various directions and would be able to hold things with help of arms it has. This electronic friend would not let you have any chance to complain.
And it is not just a fancy product of a size of human but it has cool hardware and software to help its human friends. Dual Core 2 GHz Atom Processor, upto 32 GB expandable memory, WiFi, Bluetooth, 8 inches LCD touch screen, 8 mega pixel camera , expandable ports, high quality sensors and microphones makes Luna an intelligent and useful robot. The best part about the machine is that it has accomplished something that no robot has done before. It is programmable and would offer a general purpose help to households. Luna would surely open possibilities in the world of robotics and would offer great aid to people. For the people who are interested in investing in Luna, would have to be quick in the purchase as company is planning to launch a limited stock of 1000 units.