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MousePen M508W- Smart device for artists!


Genius has lived up to its name and has come up with a genius device- MousePen M508W, especially for graphic designers, students and art teachers. The graphic design tablet connects to the desktop as well as notebook with the help of USB receiver. The device comes with quality stylus to offer around 1024 pressure levels and 60 degrees inclinations. This helps the user to make correct brush strokes without any hassles. The experience offered by the MousePen can be compared to the one using paint on the canvas. Stylus can move across 4000 high resolution area as if the tablet and screen were the same, proving accurate and smooth experience to the user. One could switch between the various contact areas, depending on the requirements.

The navigation is cakewalk too with 4 express keys namely Flip 3D, Desktop, Page Down and Up. Features like low battery indicator and LED power add to the device’s user friendliness. There are also 13 programmable cells present in MousePen which lets the user create Internet and Office shortcuts in no time. Small things like clip for storing the stylus, scroll buttons and USB receivers make life simpler too.
The gadget also offers some programmes, specific to Windows’ users. One such feature is Annotate for the Word which allows you to write, highlight as well as annotate the documents. Pen Notice lets the users touch up the pictures, add text while working on presentations, editing pictures or sending mails. Pen Commander allows one to draw the command symbols directly to pen tablet for one to open files instantly while executing the commands. Pen Mail Feature lets the person send his/her handwritten mails with personalised signature. Handwritten graphics can be inserted with the help of Pen Signer feature too. All you have to invest is $149 for this useful gadget.