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NAV 7 Netbook Navigator- The Smart Tablet !


The much awaited NAV7 PC tablet has finally been announced by Netbook Navigator. This compact mobile device comes with 7 inches display of 1024 x 600 pixels and 1.6 GHz processor. The gadget offers some of the world class features to the users including dual USB ports, Wifi, 3G Broadband, webcam and Bluetooth. NAV7 is undoubtedly no less than a computer and can be carried anywhere with you.

The basic model comes at $649 with 1GB RAM, 16GB disc, dual USB ports, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet but no OS. If you want Windows7, the price of the model would step up to $749. Depending upon your requirements, you could get the NAV7 configured with 32, 64 GB storage, 2GB RAM and 3G models. With weight of around 1.25 lbs and 1.8 inches hard drive, NAV7 is offers distinct features that have not seen any of the seven inches tablet. Touch pad with the mouse buttons, swappable batteries and the integrated accelerometer makes the gadget even more tempting. Ergonomics efficiency and designs along with fine performance is what NAV7 is created to offer. The tablet comes pre equipped with the NAV7 user interface and customised touch input. So if you have not invested in the gadget of today- tablets, Nav7 is certainly is a good option.