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The new age imaginary phone


The new age imaginary phone
How many times you cannot find or use your phone when it’s ringing? Either it has slipped in dark corners of your sofa or kept under the pile of clothes in the bedroom or your hands are greasy after cooking. Is it just an important call that you missed? Well what if you could use your palm and could disconnect or take the call? Don’t be shocked, it would be possible in near future.
Though strange it may sound, it would be made possible by Gustafson along with his colleagues Christian Holz and Patrick Baudisch at Potsdam University, Germany. These geniuses are of the view that there is a scope that such phones and remote connections could be created. In order to make these imaginary phones possible, it would require two things - knowing where the application on the physical phones exits and technology that would sense where the users are pressing on the hands and would send commands to the phone.
The trio has been researching hard to turn their novel idea into reality. They started with a research of Iphone users to find out if they could tell positions of their favourite applications in the Iphone and around 70% users could tell the exact position. And following the research, they performed tests with the help of depth cameras to know where one was pressing the palm exactly.
Potsdam trio envisions this technology to be a useful one in near future. This could start with people using the imaginary phone to utilize the physical ones in their pockets and once acquainted, they could do without the physical phone for the day. Though answering their calls would require presence of physical devices but they would be able to forward their calls to voicemails and access other applications without having physical phone nearby. Apart from the imaginary phones, the trio is also working on replacing TV remotes to imaginary zappers. These gadgets would make the technology world a more exciting one.


Unbelievable how well-written and ifnormaitve this was.