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Nokia Oro- Panache at its best!


Nokia Oro- Panache at its best!
Gold has been considered to be a great investment from time immemorial and things have not changed much; most of us prefer investing in gold in form of jewelery, gold coins or any other form. But have you ever thought of investing in a gold phone? No, it is not any fantasy product but the new Nokia Oro. The classy phone lets one flaunt a unique style statement. Panache, exclusiveness, user comfort- the phone has got it all.
The phone comes in 18 carat coating along with sapphire crystal and fine Scotland leather. The finishing is done carefully using appropriate techniques. The gold platting blends beautifully with the phone.  The Symbian software and latest upgrade of Symbian Anna makes the gold phone a good buy. And WiFi, pentaband radio and HSDPA 3G further add to the delight of users. With 3.5 inch display and 8 megapixel camera, Oro allows its user’s to capture their memories. Claiming to be a great companion for people with a taste of sophistication, this mobile phone is perfect for attesting one’s status and success. 
This exceptional amalgamation of premium materials and delicate craftsmanship has jaws dropping beauty and design. If you are bored of using the clichéd phones, Nokia Oro is your phone. Priced as per its features, you would not feel it overpriced at around Rs. 50900. Also the phone offers a suitable option for the people who tend to drop their phone often. Next time you drop your phone, you do not have to worry about the scratches on the screen as it scratch resistant. Main markets for the phone are Russia and Middle East due to popularity of such phones there and undoubtedly Nokia Oro would also be a hit too.


nice one but i dont think so that it will be successful in india


these cell phones are only for show off.Nokia has not done any achievment in gadgets either it has just stepped into the world of fashion and glamour.

hmm..great nice one!!

its very nice however the cost of this type of mobiles also very middle class peoples cant buy this....