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RM 50 Internet Radio- For music unlimited!


The popularity of radio has stepped down with the introduction of MP3, MP4 and other streaming devices. Even though it has taken a backseat, radio has not completely lost its charm and with introduction of new technology like Internet Radio, it would not lurk behind for long. RM50 Internet radio can be considered as a revolution with capability to offer access to the sport, music, news and radio stations in a blink of an eye. The device offers access to around 13,000 radio stations.

If this amazes you and you are wondering how can the small device search so many stations for the users? Well, it is WiFi enabled so it does not just pick the classical radio channels but also performs an internet search for finding other channels for you. One does not need to remember the frequencies and wavelengths for various channels; all you need to do is follow the prompts on the screen and you could easily tune in your favourite music. The radio provides search options by genre, name, region and theme.
And one reason that makes RM50 Internet radio an irresistible buy is that you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket for downloading songs anymore. Without heavy subscriptions and downloading fees, you can listen to your favourite music. Easy controls and sleek design would further add to your delight. Whether you wish to place it in your kitchen, living area or beside your bedside, the radio would fill your life with music. Apart from music, you could also use the alarm and hard drive feature offered the gizmo. Listen to the music from any corner of the world without any hassles now. Great wireless connectivity, convenient navigations, simple controls, sleek design makes RM 50 would surely get the charm of radios back.