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Scosche freeKEY- Your mobile typing solution!


With the popularity and use of tablets increasing like an epidemic, a typing solution which is mobile and user-friendly can add to the convenience of the user. And keeping this convenience in mind, Scosche has come up with freeKEY keyboard that uses Bluetooth for its functioning. The compatibility of the device is great with android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac too. All one needs to do is pair the smart keyboard up with device once and it re-pairs itself in the next use.

The freeKEY also relieves you off the tension of the accidental baths that you or someone else might give it; it is completely water resistant. Spilling liquid on the keyboard would not do any harm and you do not need to panic. This one can be called a freaky keyboard as it provides an unbelievable flexibility to the user. You could roll it anytime to store it away in a box.
This device is a boon for professionals as they could use it for writing long emails or document using their smartphones or tablets in no time. With freeKEY, they do not have to compromise on portability as well as their convenience. You could bid your old keyboard goodbye adn amke way for this smart keyboard. Charging the device would be a snap too with the retractable USB charger. Whether you plan to use it or gift it top someone, freeKEY would not disappoint you. You could make this gadget yours by spending $59.99. Silicon design, water resistance and mobile typing solution, easy use and storage- what else can one ask for?