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Temporary Auto Pilot Technology by Volkswagen


New technology by Volkswagen
Volkswagen has taken the automobile industry a step up with its new technology called Temporary Auto Pilot (TAP). For all those of us who think that we could use our hands for doing other things while driving the vehicle, have a reason to rejoice. This technology would allow the driver to get around the town while keeping his/ her hands free. Imagine you could utilise the time you to the fullest without fearing accidents now. Isn’t it great?
But even though the technology would allow hands free driving, you would have to keep a tab on the system. This is the first attempt by the company which allows semi automatic driving but in near future drivers would be able to enjoy automatic driving. With a little monitoring, you could have a relaxing drive while your Volkswagen moves at a speed of 130km/hr.
TAP is a smart system which controls the speed of vehicle while making sure that there is safe distance with other vehicles. If this did not amuse you enough, the wonder car by Volkswagen would also make sure that vehicle maintains central position as per lane markings, drops speed before any bends and the best part is the driver could deactivate the system if need be. Wondering how such a technology works? TAP works with the help of sensor platform that consists of camera, radar, ultrasonic sensors supported by electronic horizon and laser scanner.
TAP is the perfect rescuer in the situations like traffic jams and with the routes that are speed limited. Volkswagen has tried to turn many of our dreams into reality but the head of the group advises the drivers to be vigilant. The technology is still semi automatic and the driver is supposed to monitor the TAP constantly to avoid any types of mis-happenings.


i just want to know more about this project..


this is cool......i think about this 1 year ago. but i don't know how to develop. now i'm a mechanical engg.student and now i have a rough out line about my project....and i hope i can develop full time auto drive in 3 years...with fully auto control system.wait and c