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Simple Raspberry Pi Projects. This section of EG Labs brings you some interesting projects based on Raspberry Pi. Explained with the help of circuit diagrams, source codes, and working videos, these Raspberry Pi projects can serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects.
Latest Raspberry Pi Projects

LM35 Temperature Sensor Image
LM35 Temperature Sensor

LM35 is a precision IC temperature sensor with its output proportional to the temperature (in oC...

Relay Switch Image
Relay Switch

Relay is an electromagnetic device which is used to isolate two circuits electrically and connect them magnetically. They are...

ULN2003, ULN2003A Current Driver IC Image
74LS04 | IC 7404
IC 74LS04

7404 is a NOT gate IC. It consists of six inverters which perform logical invert action. The...

HT12E Encoder IC Image
HT12E Encoder IC
HT12E is an encoder integrated circuit of 212 ...
ADC0804 | ADC 0804

Analog to digital converters find huge application as an intermediate device to convert the signals from analog to digital form. These digital signals are used for further processing by the digital processors. Various sensors like temperature, pressure, force etc....

BC548 | Transistor BC548
Transistor BC548

BC548 is general purpose silicon, NPN, bipolar junction transistor. It is used for amplification and switching purposes. The...

74LS90 | IC 74LS90 Image
IC 74LS90
The 74LS90 is a simple counter, i.e. it can count from 0 to 9 cyclically in its natural mode. It counts the input pulses...
TSOP1738 IC Image
The TSOP 1738 is a member of IR remote control receiver series. This IR sensor module...
IR LED | Infrared LED
Infrared LED
An IR LED, also known as IR transmitter, is a special purpose ...