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Browse through a collection of 500+ electrical & electronic Projects from 300+ contributors based on latest technologies using microcontrollers (MCU) with complete circuit diagram and code.
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Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) is the most common point to point (peer) serial communication interface used in microcontrollers. It is a simple two-wire interface that requires no clock signal or any master device for serial transmission of data between two embedded devices. It can transmit data packets of variable length (5 to 9 bits) with the provision of a parity bit for error detection. That is why almost all microcontrollers have USART or at least UART peripheral built-in. 


Automation applications generally require controlling multiple actuators (like many motors) at the same time. For concurrent and synchronous controlling of many actuators, they need to be controlled and operated independently. Engineers use as many controllers (microcontrollers or ASICs) as the number of actuators needs to be independently operated. 



Most of the times, measurement in electronic circuits, our requirement is measuring DC voltage.  Normally, we will set the multi-meter to DC voltage mode and check the voltage levels at various points on the PCB.  Mostly, our requirement lies between 5V to 15V DC.  The circuit shown is simple, occupies less space and can directly connect to the DC voltage for measurement.  To minimize the size and power consumption, 8 pin MCU and 0.96” OLED is used in the circuit.