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UART with NRF ModuleIn this modern world we all are aware about USB. We all connect our Pen drives, memory card and other devices using USB. But have you ever thought what is it? Here is the answer; USB is a communication protocol by which two devices communicate with each other. In the same way, microcontroller also communicates with other devices like sensors or PC by using different communication protocols like USB, UART, and I2C.

UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. It is a type of serial communication that uses two wires, one for transmission (Tx) and one for reception (Rx). 

Beaglebone Black aka BBB is a low cost open source development board mainly used by developers and lobbyists. Although it’s quite similar to a Raspberry Pi yet it comes with some additional features. Developed by a non-profit corporation, this credit card sized board also supports embedded Linux platform. Due to the presence of so many advanced peripherals, it is also considered to be a minicomputer.

BBB consists of core architecture of ARM family and houses AM35X ARM cortex A8 (1GHz) processor. It can be powered either through a micro USB port or an external 5V supply that is present as an optional arrangement.

ESP8266 based TCP-IP Connected ThingSpeak Arduino Temperature Monitor Circuit In the previous tutorial, features, advantages and limitations of TCP/IP Protocol were discussed. Though, TCP/IP is not best suited for IoT applications due to packet overheads, still being the most common protocol stack on internet, it offer ubiquitous connectivity. An IoT device can be made to communicate with a cloud or server using TCP/IP protocol without any hassle of network programming and network administration. In this project, an IoT device will be designed that could transmit sensor data to ThingSpeak Platform using the TCP/IP protocol.