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Browse through a collection of 500+ electrical & electronic Projects from 300+ contributors based on latest technologies using microcontrollers (MCU) with complete circuit diagram and code.
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Most of the times, measurement in electronic circuits, our requirement is measuring DC voltage.  Normally, we will set the multi-meter to DC voltage mode and check the voltage levels at various points on the PCB.  Mostly, our requirement lies between 5V to 15V DC.  The circuit shown is simple, occupies less space and can directly connect to the DC voltage for measurement.  To minimize the size and power consumption, 8 pin MCU and 0.96” OLED is used in the circuit.


This is a project based on Arduino board which can measure the unknown capacitance value. When the capacitor whose value needs to be measured is plugged into the breadboard of the Capacitance meter, the 16*2 LCD displays the capacitance value. The project uses an Arduino pro mini boardwhose ADC feature is used along with the concept of RC charging circuit to develop this Capacitance meter.


 Solar energy is rapidly gaining notoriety as an important means of expanding renewable energy resources. As such, it is vital that those in engineering fields

understand the technologies associated with this area. Our project will include the design and construction of a microcontroller-based solar panel tracking system. Solar tracking allows more energy to be produced because the solar array is able to remain aligned to the sun. This system builds upon topics learned in this course. A working system will ultimately be demonstrated to validate the design. Problems and possible improvements will also be presented.

The unique feature of this solar tracking system is that instead of taking the earth as its reference, it takes the sun as a guiding source. Its active sensors constantly monitor the sunlight and rotate the panel towards the direction where the intensity of sunlight is maximum.