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Electronics List

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Title Total views
Generating time delay using astable mode of 555 timer IC 36,971
Piezo sensor as audio input using darlington pair 31,699
Piezo sensor as output using transistor 165,377
Light dependent frequency variation using LDR 21,610
Automatic light/dark indicator using Opam and LDR 31,688
Negative supply using 555 IC 13,965
Working of light dependent resistor using transistor 50,972
Seismic sensor using opam and piezo sensor 23,431
H-bridge using transistor 41,526
Automatic night lamp using Opam as Comparator and LDR 95,442
Light sensor using photodiode and opam 64,546
Diode Pump using 1N4148 322
0-2000V Digital Panel Meter using L7107 495
High Current (5A) Variable Power supply using LM138 299
Electronic Smog detection using CD4017 IC 269
Voice Recorder and Playback Circuit 336
Siren Generator using UM 3561 336
High efficiency Emergency Lamp using White LEDs 231
Unusual LED Indicator to indicate battery voltage level 161
Light Weight Capacitive Power Supply Design 256
Lamp to read code printed on electronic components and IC's 121
Music Bell with In / Out Indicator 131
Automatic Inverter Battery Charger with Cut Off 366
Home Appliances Protector or Surge Protector 199
Circuit Protector from Short Circuit 126
Audio visual IR sensor tester 155
Battery voltage monitor and protector using transistor 135
Variable long duration timer upto 12 hours 194
Dual power battery charger using solar & electrical energy 182
Automatic cut off power saver circuit 199
Tristate Battery Level Indicator 119
String LED operating circuit using SCR 338
Locker Guard or Locker Security Alarm 158
PIR Sensor based Alarm using transistor and UM3561 IC 185
Power saver mini emergency lamp using 1W Led 145
Simple beeper circuit using oscillator CD 4093 106
Load ON / OFF Indicator for AC load 162
Musical Doll using UM66 and 555 timer IC 122
Emergency Alarm using monostable mode of 555 timer IC and UM3561 145
IR Triggered White LED Lamp (TV Remote Controlled White LED Lamp) 106