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Raspberry Pi Tutorials & Projects

Simple Raspberry Pi Projects. Learn to work with Raspberry Pi and interface various peripheral devices. Explained with the help of circuit diagrams, source codes, and working videos, this section of EG Labs brings you some interesting projects based on Raspberry Pi. These Raspberry Pi projects can serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects.
Latest Raspberry Pi Projects

In this particular project Ubuntu is installed on Raspberry pi board and is loaded on the Raspberry pi board and is connected to a router using a cross-over LAN cable. Hence the only additional hardware required with the Raspberry pi for this project is a LAN cable only.

Once connected to the router with Ubuntu OS on it, it can be accessed remotely from other systems connected in same LAN network. The board can be accessed from a Linux PC using the secure shell which is enabled in the Ubuntu of Raspberry pi board.
This article focus on how to configure the Raspberry pi board as a web server and the technique to make it serve a graphical game for those who type the IP or address of the Raspberry pi board from the address tab of their web browser. The Raspberry pi web server is available in the same LAN network or it can be made available to anyone who has the internet connectivity using the technique of port forwarding. 


The gamepad is a simple circuit built on a breadboard with few buttons, LEDs and a resistor array. There are eight general purpose IO pins on the 13*2 pin connectors of the Raspberrypi board and among them four pins has been selected as input and then remaining four pins as output. The input pins are connected to push button and are pulled down using 1K resistors. The output pins are connected to the LEDs through another set of 1K resistors.

For this project the Raspberry pi board is loaded with Ubuntu and is remotely accessed using VNC. To access the pins that coming out of the Broadcom controller the C library “bcm2835” has been downloaded and installed. This article focuses on how to add sound to a game that is coded to be played with a Raspberry pi gamepad.



Raspberry Pi is provided with a RCA connector which can be used to connect it directly to a TV screen which is based on PAL and NTSC standard. The board also has a HDMI connector output which can be used to connect the board to a HD TV. One can also use remote login to access the Raspberry pi and view the GUI (Text User Interface) on the PC screen. The Raspberry pi board is also very easy to interface with external devices or circuits through its pin outs. This makes the Raspberry pi a suitable platform for playing and developing interesting games.

This article discusses how to develop a simple graphical game using the HTML5 and JavaScript language and to interface it with an external custom made game pad hardware connected to the pins of Raspberry pi board.