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Help is required in 4 x 20 lcd programming.......

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Ihsan ullah
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Help is required in 4 x 20 lcd programming.......

Hi all


i am using 4 x20 lcd in my projects, i require the help in following two ways


1:-  I want to use my lcd and keypad at one port using latch 74LS/HC 375 .theoritcal it is possible but i need   get some important information  regard to experince user.????


2- i require its lcd & keypad codes help . the lcd is repsonsble to display the events messages and keypad is used to selection  purpose like password entry, adc value of voltages and currents ect.......



if some reqire more information than i can broadcast regard to my project8052 based..



ihsan ullah khan


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Hi Ihsan,
Hi Ihsan, talking on your first kind of help, you will need something which will not just only multiplex between keypad and LCD but also make sure that both of them remain isolated from each other. Even a small interference from keypad can affect LCD's working. If you are thinking of using latches then according to me at least two of them will be required, one for the LCD and the other for keypad. And as far as your second help is concerned, these following two links will be enough: "" and ""