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Lock bits usage in 8051 microcontrollers

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parmar dixit
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Lock bits usage in 8051 microcontrollers

Hi All, I wanted to lock program in to the Controller itself for the security concerns. Now i came across the mechanism of lock bits, which is not supported in my existing(Novoton 78E51) controller. 1) Which controller supports this feature? 2) how lock bits works in controller? 3) How can i configure it? 4) what environment(Particular programmers or software for burning the code in controller) does it require? 5) What programming method it requires(serial/parallel)? Regards, Dixit

Ashutosh Bhatt
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all most all controllers have

all most all controllers have locking facility. you can lock micro controller using any suitable EEPROM programmer

all EEPROM programmers have such program read write lock facility

you can use AVR ATMEGA series micro controllers with suitable programmer like USBapp