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Microcontroller based

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Microcontroller based
I am working on a project which is a GSM based electricity theft identification! I am using SIM900A GSM module,a MAX232 chip(to interface GSM module) an ATMEL AT89S52 MCU,16×2 LCD, TTP223 touch sensor and a buzzer. The main theme of this project is: if anyone tries to tamper the energy meter(in my case if someone touches the touch sensor) then the microcontroller receives the i/p sent by the touch sensor and then the buzzer starts to buzz and the MCU sends the GSM module the action to send a message stating " theft detected" to the predefined mobile no.(hard coded) and showing the same message in LCD. i am stuck with the coding section!
Hari Prasaath K
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In which part of the code do you have the problem.

Ashutosh Bhatt
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your project seems to be very

your project seems to be very simple!

as to detect touch - you have to detect high to low or low to high transition on any IO pin

then to sound buzzer just send high to that IO pin

and using serial port (Tx) send SMS to GSM module

thats all

what is the problem?