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What is uart length 8051

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What is uart length 8051

What is uart length ?

if I am sending string from tarminal of PC to 8051. what will be length of uart. I am confused on length of cable or length of bit size. What is the meaning of uart length ?

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Hi VedUSART length refers to

Hi Ved

USART length refers to the number of data bits it can carry in one go. For example, most of the microcontrollers generally send/receive one byte at a time so the USART lenght becomes 8bits. It has nothing to do with te lenght of the cable wire.

Ashutosh Bhatt
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USART is used to send and

USART is used to send and receive ASCII characters

character means 8 bit data.

how ever you can send whole sentance, or paragraph or even long text file it does not matter