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Smart Energy Meter

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Smart Energy Meter
I need your help regarding our final year project. We are working on the project named as 'Smart Energy Meter'. we are facing some problem related to the programming of our controller ATmega328(Arduino) . This project also includes an EEPROM memory to store the data after switching off the microcontroller module. The user also can send a SMS to the energy meter to get the status of the current meter reading... And this all reading will send to user and service provider's database by using GSM Module...
Is there anyone has done this project in the past..?


Hari Prasaath K
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Smart Energy Meter

What problem you are facing whether it is in hardware or software? 

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Hello Vishal,Please tell how

Hello Vishal,

Please tell how you want your project to work. There is a similar project on EG for prepaid energy meter - If you intend to make something different from this, please clear how your project should work and where you are facing problem. In the EG's Project, user can buy a prepaid recharge of electricity, a smart device attached to regular energy meter monitors power consumption and when the recharged power is about to consume, SMS alert is sent to the user to make a recharge again.