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ADC interface with atmega32 with two sensors

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ADC interface with atmega32 with two sensors

HI friends ,

  I need help from you that, I am using ATmega32 avr development board for ADC multiple channels  and i am using two POT sensors.What is my doubt is  I want a small delay after two channel conversions,say delay is 2 sec (for example).After every delay conversions have to display.

I tried but i cannot make delay,for i used timer buts its, please help me guys


here is my code.

#define LED PD4 
int main()
uint8_t timerOverflowCount=0;
DDRD=0xff;         //configure PORTD as output
TCCR0 = (1<<CS00) | (1<<CS02);
while ((TIFR & 0x01) == 0); 
 TCNT0 = 0x00;
 TIFR=0x01; //clear timer1 overflow flag              
if (timerOverflowCount>=6)
PORTD ^= (0x01 << LED);