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Ethernet switch with 8 ports and PTP

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Ethernet switch with 8 ports and PTP
I need a solution for a board with 8 100/10 ethernet ports (with copper/fiber switching capabilities, PTP and idealy also with PRP, HSR protocol capabilities). I've found KSZ8999I switch, but I think it doesn't support PTP (according to the datasheet it doesn't). I also looked at KSZ8463 switch, it supports PTP but  it has only 2 ports. So, I didn't manage to find an ethernet switch that i need. Do such switches even exist and where can i find them? I also thought about decisions based on FPGA or ethernet controllers... Could somebody give me a clue for a more chip and easy solution?
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there are 8-port 10/100

there are 8-port 10/100 ethernet unmanaged switches switches available from D-Link and NETGEAR and CISCo....but not sure if they support PTP