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Controlling of 12 Digital Bits at rate upto 5MHz.

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Controlling of 12 Digital Bits at rate upto 5MHz.

Hello all,

In my project, I want to control 12 digital bits (All 0's to all 1's) at rate upto 5Hz(It may be 1MHz, 2MHz, 3MHz, etc.)

Note :- There is no relation of Analog to Digital conversion, ADC, Sampling rate, etc.

Please suggest me which micro-controller should I use for this application?

Micro-Controller has to work on 1.8Volts or 3.3Volts DC power supply.

You can suggest me Micro-controllers, Counters, Timers, etc.. to job done.

For reference I'm attaching the system requirement block diagram.

Thank you


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HiI will suggest you to use


I will suggest you to use AtMega series of AVR microcontrollers by ATMEL, like Atmega16L or Atmega8L.These microcontrollers can work within your specified operating voltage of 3.3V.