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Compiler for PIC

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Compiler for PIC

Which is the best compiler to work with for PIC Microcontrollers?

Shall I go for MikroC or MPLab or some other?

Please suggest. 

Amit Joshi
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Compiler for PIC


Both MikroC and MPLab have their plus points. both have their in-built libraries of peripherals like adc, lcd etc.In MPLAB, programmer have to include header file of corresponding peripheral but in MikroC, there is no need to include header files.



MikroC provides some good facility like graphical LCD bitmap editor, usart terminal etc. 


mplab compiler is created by Mirochip tech. so tutorial on mplab c are widely available.




Muhamad Zal Sha...
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do you have example

do you have example programming for PIC18F4550 input ultrasonic sensor than output lcd 

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i think you can use the pic

i think you can use the pic project in this website. connect the sensor to analog pins and use Adc_read() in MikroC. since you want to produce an analog output, i think you can use the digital I/O pins connected to Digital-to-analog circuits. and the output can be connected to the transmitter.


just my theory :)

if its wrong, correct me and don't be mad. i'm just trying to help

Naresh Kumar VS...
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dude from where and how to

dude from where and how to download mickroc software

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