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programming an audio signal using pic

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programming an audio signal using pic


I have in my pocession a microphone, an amplifier and a pic18f452. I have already connected the microphone to the amplifier. I did it on a turntable. I will connect the output of my microphone on the deck with an annalog port on the picdem Board and ground with ground on the picdem board. The channelA0 of the picdem board is reserved for the potentiometer so I have to use another port different from port A to connect the output of my Microphone.
concerning programming I have to write a program that allows me to digitize this analog signal from the microphone and send it through the uart of my picdem board to a module blutooth HC05. the Picdem Board have an integrated ADC (10bit).

i want your help for Programming please.


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you will need to sample

you will need to sample voltage from microphone in a loop which should start as there is a voltage change detected at the analog pin and voltage does not drop to zero. here voltage levels will indicate amplitude of the audio signal....the values of the amplitude can then be sent to uart...the bluetooth module works on uart, so you willl have to simply send the voltage readings through serial port