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Rain Sensor

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Rain Sensor

Hi all,

I'm responsible to build a rain sensor with the help of PIC programming. However, I don't know in which stage I should use it.
Project is simply to detect water and run an engine using the data that comes from the sensor. I plan such a circuit basically:

Water ---> Sensor ---> PIC ---> (Amplifier if needed) ---> Engine

The main problem is that I don't know what kind of code should I use in PIC, what is the purpose of PIC? Will it work as an DAC(Digital to analog circuit)?


Amit Joshi
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whre do want to use dac

 the sensor will provide analog output and u need to convert it into digital. that means u need ADC. this PIC 10F, 12F ,16F  series controller have inbuilt adc . u can choose any one one of them.

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Its Better to use any digital

Its Better to use any digital Water detaecting Sensor, so that you can directly connect to any port pin of your controller.