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TTF font display on Led dot matrix 16x32

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TTF font display on Led dot matrix 16x32


i want to display scrolling message(any message) on led dot matrix display (16x32 or any size).

let me more clear it,

suppose i want to display English message ,so, i will write in microsoft word and select font size like 16 and send to microcontroller to display it.(microcontroller has fixed code to dispaly message)

again, suppose , i want to dsplay hindi or gujarati or punjabi or urdu or any language font to show on led dot matrix.


How could i do that??? any idea or suggestions related to my question

i wrote PIC microcontroller , but if you have any link for any other microcontroller, let me know


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you will need to write code

you will need to write code for each frame of the text animation irrespective of choice of language