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CCTV/ IP Projects

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Manoj KrishnaBh...
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CCTV/ IP Projects

Anybody have any ideas regarding remotely viewing CCTV/ IP-CAM through internet rather than from LAN?

Engr. Mansoor Mirza
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you need ip of your camera

you need ip of your camera which is connected to your network......if u wanna see your cam out side of you network then you need external IP of your cam...... to check External IP see this site....


you can see the camera view by typing this IP in browser from Remote location or u can use any free DNS service or payed DNS service to get a link to host your IP.



see this PDF file...

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I want make one CCTV

I want make one CCTV surviellance system of my own, by using single camera and microphone, for storge i can use sd card or Pen drive and othe processing devices plzzz do help me

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Hi, Good Challenge. It is an



Good Challenge. It is an huge task, but "nothing is impossible" in this world to do. Suggest you to learn about video processing & DSP to gain knowledge on your task. Visit Free Scale & Texas Instrument web sites, they have same reference designs on surveillance systems.

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