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digital portable soil testing equipment for agriculture

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saurabh chhaya
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digital portable soil testing equipment for agriculture

I want to make protable testing equipment for measurement of agriculture land properties like; pH, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulpher, zinc, iron, magnaese, boron, manganese Mn. I also want to make a programme for alarm generate and message send on mobile if any parameter get lower from desired values.

Kindly guide me for the above project. Which kind of sensors I will used for measurement and how the circuit is framed.

Thank You all team.

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HiI believe there is no such


I believe there is no such sensor available as of now, commercially, that can measure all these parameters. You will need to look out for different sensors that can measure each one of them separately and then integrate such sensors together. For the alarm and messaging part, you will need to incorporate a wireless networking system like GSM, Wi-Fi or something similar. As of now, this later part can be designed easily. You can check out these links :