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Display project prototype

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Display project prototype
Hi all,
I am looking for someone to help me create a simple prototype for a display device. 
I hope this is ok to ask as I don't want to violate your terms which I have looked through. 
I would be willing to pay if anyone is willing to take this on. 
The device will have the following features:
- It will display a different phrase on the screen every 6 seconds.
- There will be 100 phrases/sentences of about 15 words each. 
- The device will have no buttons whatsoever as user input is NOT required for this project.
- The display screen is always on as long as there is a battery attached. 
  (there is no on or off switch)
- It should be small enough to place in your palm. 
- The screen should be about 3cm by 3cm in size maximum.
The components will probably include a display screen, a microcontroller chip, and a battery section for power. 
The display screen may be an OLED or other suitable display technology.
That's pretty much it. 
Once encased, the whole device should be able to fit comfortably in a palm. I will encase myself. 
Please PM me to discuss if this is something you would be happy to work on. 
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try making your project

try making your project you want to make mini ebook reader, or electronic reminder or what .....application of your project is not clear

Ashutosh Bhatt
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you can purchase 2 inch or 3

you can purchase 2 inch or 3 inch TFT LCD/OLED screen and arduino nano board

then download arduino library for TFT LCD. and you are done. you can easily display text messages, scroll it, animate it etc whatever you want

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it`s depend upon need if you

it`s depend upon need if you want small display you can use led displays but if you want a large one you can use led matrix