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How to develop wireless charging project using Infrared

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How to develop wireless charging project using Infrared

Hi, I have a project to develop wireless charging system, to charge a mobile phone using Infrared (IR) and photodiode. I need 5V and 500mA at receiver side. I have used normal IR diode and photodiode the do the same. But got negligible voltage (200mV) at receiver side. Please guide about the material/components required for completing this project. 
What should be the Input voltage/current for that? What are the various components required and what will be the circuit diagram?

Hari Prasaath K
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Wireless Charging

Provide a detail how do you determined to to produce wireless charging using Infrared, It is impossible?

a m bhatt
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IR technology is for

IR technology is for transfering data in short distance upto 10 meter

it is not for transfering power

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sir can you explain this project how its work?