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InterFacing FingerPrint Module with Microcontroller Unit

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InterFacing FingerPrint Module with Microcontroller Unit

Hi Friends.


Actually now I am doing A project " FingerPrint Based EVM" for this using SM630 and FIM5360 fingerprint modules.


But Here I am facing problems on directly interfacing it with microcontroller unit.


Actually by using serial port monitoring software, Monitored the Data in packet format and put up same thing in microcontoller and try to interface but not working.



for ex: here I want to send the data in packet format : 0X7E 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X1A 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X01 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X1B


I try to send it using array function AUTOIDENTITY[25]={0X7E,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X1A,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X01,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X00,0X1B}



but when I send it through uart , then there is no reply from the module even RI pin is not high.



So, if any one having the coding for sending and receiving the data in packet structure format, kindly send it to my email ID :



Thanky you & Have A Good Day!



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HiCheck out this project on