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phanindra nath
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hello every one

I am new to this world.......

hope experts answer help me !

        I am confused in selecting my major project ....

        so any one can help me in guiding about the topics ........

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microcontroller projects

if you are new.. start learning basics first like LED interfacing, seven segment etc. Explained on this site with code and circuit.

After then you can choose any good project from the microcontroller section. As a major project, i'd suggest u take up the ones on RFID. 

Engr. Mansoor Mirza
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Welcome in this World dear.....


first make LED blinking using 8051, i will suggest you to use 8051 controller in start and also consult the Book "8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems" by Muhhamad Ali Maizdi.....



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