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Sun Tracker

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Sun Tracker

How can I make Sun Tracker using Arduino and Microcontroller???!

Prabakaran P M
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You can use four LDRs and a

You can use four LDRs and a servo to do this project.

Ashutosh Bhatt
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please go through the
Hari Prasaath K
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Solar Tracker


You can imlement solar tracker in two ways,

1. By using LDR(light dependent resistor).

             In this method LDR senses the light in track of sun moving and by using the motor you can move the solar panel.

2. By using RTC

            In the method U you can use real time clock and set the timings to move the position of solar panel. eg at 6am panel at east, 12pm panel facing upward and in evening to the west.