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Android on Raspberrry Pi

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Android on Raspberrry Pi

Is there any way to run android on Raspberry Pi.....has anybody tried this

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there are some android images

there are some android images available online that can be loaded on SD card and run on Raspberry Pi....these custom android setups then allow installing playstore and android apps....however, for a commercial purpose, how much these images are safe to use is not known

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yes you can....Of course, you

yes you can....

Of course, you need a raspberry pi 3
A power supply
A SD card at least 16GB and it is important that it has a good speed of reading / writing.
You will also need a screen and an HDMI cable to display the beautiful Android interface. You can also use the official touch screen of the foundation that does not require the use of an HDMI cable
Then you will need to download the Android image and sh script that will install the Play Store.
This is all taken from the official site, I could send a link where the process is fully described, but for some reason such posts are deleted.=(
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Android on Raspberrry Pi