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Getting started with Beaglebone Black (Part 1/15)


Ashish Vara

Beaglebone Black aka BBB is a low cost open source development board mainly used by developers and lobbyists. Although it’s quite similar to a Raspberry Pi yet it comes with some additional features. Developed by a non-profit corporation, this credit card sized board also supports embedded Linux platform. Due to the presence of so many advanced peripherals, it is also considered to be a minicomputer.

BBB consists of core architecture of ARM family and houses AM35X ARM cortex A8 (1GHz) processor. It can be powered either through a micro USB port or an external 5V supply that is present as an optional arrangement.

Bash Commands and Shell Scripts - Linux Part 5

Written By: 

Hari Prasaath K.

In the previous tutorial, Bash Shell and LXterminal to launch Linux Console for the bash shell in Raspbian, was demonstrated. Now, it’s time to start shell scripting using bash shell.

The shell scripts are made up of shell commands. The shell commands in the bash shell are called bash commands after the name of the respective shell. The shell commands and their syntax remain more or less the same irrespective of the shell. So, bash commands and their syntax is almost similar to shell commands for any other Linux shell like Csh, Ksh, and Tcsh etc. 

Half H-Bridge Featuring SiC FETs, Integrated Gate Drive with Digital Control

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The SA110 is Apex Microtechnology’s first high current, high voltage, half H-bridge to utilize silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs in combination with an digitally controlled integrated gate drive. SiC MOSFETs provide reduced switching losses, lower conduction losses, and a low dependency of RDS(on) over temperature. With integration of the gate drive, switching speeds are greatly improved as parasitic impacts are reduced and easier to control. The SA110 can switch at a very high 400 kHz MAX frequency and provide 28 A of continuous output current. This hybrid is offered in a 12-pin PSIP package to provide a compact footprint along. SA110 is ideal for applications where focus is on over temperature performance, high efficiency, and compact design.

New Sensor Connectivity Kit for IoT at Mouser.

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IDT-SDAWIR03-Wireless-Sensor-Evaluation-KitsIDT SDAWIR03 Wireless Sensor Evaluation Kit demonstrates the 6LoWPAN ZWIR4532 low-power wireless module. The kit includes a sensor node module with real-time humidity, temperature and gas flow sensors for data collection. When additional SDAWIR03 sensor node modules are added, it will automatically connect via a mesh network based on IDT’s SensorShare 6LoWPAN protocol to measure, monitor and sense smart home and industrial end applications. The 6LoWPAN wireless mesh connectivity uses an IPv6 address for each sensor module. This quick and easy-to-implement starter kit enables sensor data to link to the Wi-Fi connected hub. 


Tencent YouTu Teams Up With Intel For AI Products

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

Image-of-YouBoxRemi El-Ouazzane, the COO and vice president of Intel’s AI Products Group recently spoke about their AI collaboration with the Tencent YouTu Lab DeepGaze, YouBox, AI Box and AI Camera. In his words, “With artificial intelligence, enterprises can gain new insights about their customers to both elevate the users' experience and drive business transformation. Tencent's new AI camera solutions take advantage of powerful Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ technology to enable deep neural networks to run directly on the cameras, providing real-time and actionable data for various businesses, including retail and smart buildings.”

Servo Control using Brain Wave (Part 12/13)


Ayush Jain

Control servo motor using brain wavesAfter applying brainwaves to the RGB LEDs, now it is time to check extensions on some more real time applications and determine the efficiency as well as flexibility that can be achieved using this module. I am now planning to use it in some robotic field now. In this article, I am planning to make use of Brain Wave for some health applications along with robotics. While studying about robotic arms, I found that they are controlled by servo motor. What if we can control the servo motor using our Brainwave? I was not sure about this as the results of Brainwave are often random and I wanted to check if we can control the angle by our thoughts. So, to check the accuracy I gave it a try.

10 Real Life Instances of Internet of Things (IoT) in Use

Submitted By: 

Neha Rastogi
It goes without saying that technology is highly responsible for transforming the world around us in so endless number of ways. Not only it’s growing at a faster pace but it’s also gradually leading us to a smarter and better future. The term that has lately become the talk of the town is Internet of Things i.e. IoT. We are completely surrounded by so many applications of IoT in our daily lives but most of us are not aware of them. Interestingly, IoT was coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a British entrepreneur, while he was working in his lab.

DC Motor Control Using H Bridge


Ashutosh Bhatt

This article explains how one can change the direction and speed of mini DC motor using very simple circuit built using readily and easily available handy components. First we will see how we can change the direction of motor and then we will see how we can vary the speed of DC motor. Then I will explain very simple DC motor controller circuit that changes direction as well as varies the speed of DC motor. So let us start