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Littelfuse Releases 650V SiC Schottky Diodes With New Current Ratings and Package Sizes From 6A-40A

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

Littelfuse Inc. recently added two new products to its expanding line of  Schottky Diodes. The product line has 650V, AEC-Q101- certified SiC (Silicon Carbide) Schottky Diodes. Both these series will help power electronics system designers with lots of performance benefits over the customary silicon-based devices. 



ON Semiconductors Brings-in New Industrial and Automotive Certified SiC MOSFETs

Submitted By: 

Shreepanjali Mod

ON Semiconductor recently released two advanced SiC (Silicon Carbide) MOSFET devices. These two new products are the AEC-Q101 automotive grade NVHL080N120SC1 and industrial grade NVHL080N120SC1. The two additions promise plethora of performance wide band gap technology benefits to some of the most crucial high growth end application areas like server power supplies, solar power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, electric vehicles, Automotive DCDC, as well as onboard charger applications. 


Memory Solution for Surveillance Edge Storage

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Wireless memory solutions don't typically meet the temperature, endurance and robustness requirements needed to operate in IIoT devices. Micron Industrial Surveillance Edge Storage MicroSD Cards are specifically designed for Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance cameras delivering:

• High endurance with 3 years of 24/7 continuous high-quality video recording

• Outstanding recording that delivers stable performance with minimal frame                                                        drops

Extended Reality: Blurring boundaries

Submitted By: 

Vishal Duggal
Recent years have seen a series of exponential technological advances, innovation and invention manifested in variousways such as cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, Internet of things (Iot), robotics, quantum computing, and so on. This technology revolution represents vast potential for changing how human beings live, work, learn and share today, tomorrow and beyond.According to Accenture Technology Vision 2018, there is a paradigm shift in the role of business itself: it is moving closer to the centre of people’s lives. 

Portable UART Data Receiver/Tester


Fayaz Hassan

Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) is the most common point to point (peer) serial communication interface used in microcontrollers. It is a simple two-wire interface that requires no clock signal or any master device for serial transmission of data between two embedded devices. It can transmit data packets of variable length (5 to 9 bits) with the provision of a parity bit for error detection. That is why almost all microcontrollers have USART or at least UART peripheral built-in. 


32 Servo Motor Controller Program using ATMEGA32



Automation applications generally require controlling multiple actuators (like many motors) at the same time. For concurrent and synchronous controlling of many actuators, they need to be controlled and operated independently. Engineers use as many controllers (microcontrollers or ASICs) as the number of actuators needs to be independently operated. 




Written By: 

Vishal Soni

Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Rich Miner, and Chris White founded Android Inc. in October 2003. Firstly, Andy Rubin developed Android OS for digital cameras but he realized that the market for digital camera operating systems perhaps was not all that big. In 2005, Android wasbought by Google and Andy Rubin along with other co-founders continued working under new owners. In 29 June 2007,iPhone was released by Apple Inc with iOS, which was the first OS in the mobile market.

TCP/IP Based IoT Communication with ThingSpeak Platform : IOT Part 29



ESP8266 based TCP-IP Connected ThingSpeak Arduino Temperature Monitor CircuitIn the previous tutorial, features, advantages and limitations of TCP/IP Protocol were discussed. Though, TCP/IP is not best suited for IoT applications due to packet overheads, still being the most common protocol stack on internet, it offer ubiquitous connectivity. An IoT device can be made to communicate with a cloud or server using TCP/IP protocol without any hassle of network programming and network administration. In this project, an IoT device will be designed that could transmit sensor data to ThingSpeak Platform using the TCP/IP protocol. 


Embedded C

Written By: 

Akshay Daga

Looking around, we find ourselves to be surrounded by various types of embedded systems. Be it a digital camera or a mobile phone or a washing machine, all of them has some kind of processor functioning inside it. Associated with each processor is the embedded software. If hardware forms the body of an embedded system, embedded processor acts as the brain, and embedded software forms its soul. It is the embedded software which primarily governs the functioning of embedded systems.