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MicroPressure Sensors with IoT Ready Interfacing

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Featuring a 5mm x 5mm package footprint, Honeywell’s MPR MicroPressure sensors are small, ported pressure sensors that can be used in medical, industrial and consumer applications. In addition, these compact pressure sensors are an easy-to-use option with a wide pressure range and IoT ready interfacing. MPR series sensors are available in pressure ranges up to ±2.5 bar. They integrate a 24-bit ADC and an ASIC that provides a calibrated and compensated measurement over an SPI or I2C interface. The sensors are highly accurate but are also specified with a Total Error Band, which goes beyond a typical accuracy spec and provides true performance over the compensated temperature range, allowing for greater interchangeability and less testing and calibration in manufacturing. Multiple gel options, including medical and food grade, allow the sensors to be used with various liquid media and gases. In stock at

DIY Coin Sorting and Counter

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Engineers Garage

This cardboard based coin sorting machine will calculate and display total value of coins. It will also sort the coins by value. It seems to be an inexpensive fit for every bank and cashier of the company and can be built on their own. 

Ikhsan Ismail, a DIY maker has come up with yet another interesting DIY project.This simple machine is build around a few things like an Arduino Nano R3, 3 TCRT5000 IR Sensors, 12C LCD Module, 9V Battery, One Switch, Adafruit Standard LCD - 16 x 2 White on Blue, 3 x 10 Ohm Resistor, One Full Size Cardboard, Jumper Wires, Resistor 10k Ohm, and a 10 Ohm Resistor.

10 Inspirational Movies Based on True Events for Every Tech Enthusiast

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Neha Rastogi

10 Inspirational Movies Based on True Events for Every Tech EnthusiastSince a very long time, the entertainment industry has been playing a major role in getting people close to Science, mainly through Sci-fi flicks and TV shows. However, apart from the Sci-fi subjects, there have been a lot of movies based on the true events of Scientists, Engineers or other reputed personalities that have left a big impact on the audience. Such creations not only impart knowledge but also inspire us as to how we can overcome the challenges and keep on working towards our goals with full conviction.

Here, we have compiled a list of such movies that will give you an insightful picture of Science and Technology while conveying valuable life lessons. Let’s have a quick glance at the compilation of movies that every tech enthusiast must watch

Harsh Outdoor Conditions On Railroads To Be Addressed With IP67-rated and EN50155-TX-Certified Railway Computer System

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Shreepanjali Mod

IBASE Technology Inc., one of the leading suppliers of motherboards and embedded systems, recently announced the MPT-3000RP fanless embedded PC designed especially for railway applications.  A recipient of Taiwan Excellence Award, it is a IP67-rated and EN50155-TX-Certified system that provides exceptional shock and water resistance for all types of outdoor applications while meeting the IIoV, Intelligent Internet of Vehicle needs and requirements.


Inductance Meter


Ajish Alfred

The Arduino board is used to develop this simple prototype of inductance meter. The arduino board has all the required circuitry to get the built-in AVR microcontroller running. The AVR microcontroller boards which are provided with all the basic circuitry for the operation of the microcontroller which has been flashed with the Arduino boot-loader are called Arduino boards. The Arduino IDE is so simple to use that anyone who has basic knowledge of c programming can quickly get started with it. 

LPG Detector Alarm


Anand Tamboli and Frenoy Osburn

LPG is present in almost every household today either in a cylinder or from piping, but what fraction of these households has devices to detect leaks? Given that many people lose their lives on account of the same, it is surprising that not much has been done. It is actually very simple to build your very own LPG leakage detector and here you will learn how to do just that.


DC Motor Control Using H Bridge


Ashutosh Bhatt

This article explains how one can change the direction and speed of mini DC motor using very simple circuit built using readily and easily available handy components. First we will see how we can change the direction of motor and then we will see how we can vary the speed of DC motor. Then I will explain very simple DC motor controller circuit that changes direction as well as varies the speed of DC motor. So let us start