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Insight - How 8 Pin DPDT Switch works

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Arpit Jain
DPDT stands for Double Pole Double Throw switch. By using this we can change the polarity of the applied voltage. It is used in situations where we need different outputs. It has 3 states ON, OFF, ON. The difference between the two ON states is that the polarity of both the states is opposite with respect to each other. That’s the reason why it can drive a DC motor in both the directions. It can also switch an AC motor but it can’t change the direction of the motor. Since, AC motor will run in the same direction irrespective of the polarity therefore, it can only be used for switching ON and OFF an AC motor but not for changing its direction.
8 Pin DPDT Switch
Above image shows a diagrammatic representation of DPDT switch.

8 Pins DPDT Switch



enlightened u r always brightenlightened

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can u put a column based on changing polarities when dc n ac motors working

would be thankful if u also tell about the circuit of connecting this dpdt pin to the motor.

You give a diagram with six pins to explain an eight pin relay?

Could you explain how to wire this up? I'd like to read the switch value in an arduino. Thanks!